Featured on Random Photo Journal

Kids playing “school” at home during the lockdown in Ghana. Richard Eshun.

I had the pleasure of having a chat on June 23, 2020, about my journalistic everyday photos I make with Random Photo Journal. This was very insightful for me as I had to reflect on my practice and talk about it. When some things become muscle memory we mostly don’t think critically about it when in the process. Especially with activities which use the motor skills and the brain calculations and analysis constantly with another object. Driving, riding, skating, playing, climbing…infact everything we do. Photography then is no exception. My approach to photography has been one more or less of documentary photojournalism.

After thinking through things from the interview, I realized my storytelling, way I see, and the emotions and looks I convey with my images stem from mostly by childhood to my teens. This is true to a large extent as its known that we mostly become ‘baked’ in our cognitive and behavioral abilities up to about the age of 20 (although other studies show we become better at different skills and decline in others at different ages).

I will reflect more on my practice and write about things. What I will say is lets not squander our youth, our strength, our mind and our spirits. Let us explore variety, and tell stories whiles recording our lives daily.

Kindly head over to Random Photo Journal’s website to read the short feature. Link is below. Bless you.


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